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Eye Bags Underneath the Eyes & Puffy Eyes

Eye Bags Underneath the Eyes & Puffy Eyes

We all know that aging brings about changes to the way we look and perhaps most of all we all wish it wasn't so obvious from the look on our face.

With aging one of the most annoying changes for many of us is to do with the skin around the eyes, the skin loosens and sags, baggage underneath the eyes and those lines we know as crow's feet begin to appear. love moschino bags

Eye baggage form over time where the skin and the soft tissues underneath the eyes lose firmness allowing the fatty deposits to bulge and become more pronounced.

Crow's feet form over time due to years of muscle movement when blinking or squinting, think therefore how much of a problem this can be for smokers, always squinting to avoid the cigarette smoke from entering the eyes.

OK, so what can we do to alleviate the problem? Well you may want to consider invasive treatments such as fillers or surgery and that can indeed have the desired affect but what if that is not an alternative for whatever reasons, financial, fear of needles etc..

With those lines around the eyes, we call the crow's feet it may be worth considering a daily massage routine and the use of a good moisturizer each day to keep the skin as supple as possible.

Massage in a little apricot oil and with the ring finger massage in a circular motion from the corner of the eye outwards towards the temple area. Do this on a daily basis to exercise and improve the efficiency of the muscles encircling the eye. Botox is widely used in invasive treatments but good alternatives can be found in the form of certain moisturizers, use these on a daily basis to keep your skin from drying out, there are some that provide excellent overall anti aging treatments in general too.Look for those with built in sun protection.

Luggage beneath the eyes are often due to fluid retention and again there are ways to reduce the problem other than turning to surgery.

The appearance of those baggage can often look worse on waking in the mornings and that's because the fluid builds up overnight. You might like to try a little exercise in jumping up and down or just running up and down the stairs as gravity can help pull down the excess fluid and lessen their appearance.

There are other well know remedies such as lying down with cucumber or potato slices over the eyes and of course the application of ice or cold teaspoons.

You might also like to try tapping lightly with your finger in the underneath eye area for a minute or so to try and disperse the love moschino handbags fluid.

If you believe that those bags underneath the eyes are as a result of your lifestyle or diet you could run a check on whether or not they are worse after eating certain foods or when you have been consuming too much alcohol or have been in a really smoky atmosphere. Try avoiding some of these things and see if it does make a difference.

Perhaps switching your brands of eye make up, eye make up remover, contact lens solution or mascara might help, you might me sensitive to one of them. If you use an eye cream use only a very small amount and pat or dot it on very lightly along the bony ridge under the eye not right underneath the eye lashes then massage it in very gently. Make sure that the eye cream you use is the right one for you and make sure that it does not enter your eyes.

You can improve the appearance of skin around your eyes but you must be careful to choose the simplest and most gentle skincare regime and most important of all the right moisturizers and anti aging products.

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